Cancelling My Homecare Agreement

British Gas has no customer relationship we had a homecare electrical appliances, but after 4 visits and 6 weeks our washing machine still does not work. No one listens and does not contribute to a replacement! 1 May 2010 British Gas is a scam organisation. I suffered the same fate as other POWERFLUSH SAGA!! I was desperate because the boiler was noisy and the house wouldn`t heat up. They refused to come back until I did the Powerflush. They told me that if I had insisted that they come back, they would have to overwhelm me for the visit. It`s blackmail! Ten days ago, they had a new pump and the threshold, I had a problem. Out of desperation, I called an independent engineer to find out that British Gas had been using a faulty pump. He changed his pump and everything was fine. He even told me that there was no need for Powerflush because the water in the radiators is clean. I terminated my contract and moved elsewhere. Any advice? The same thing here, I homecare 200, bgas went on the property and changed some parts, and now they can put the boiler back until I made a « Power Flush » for 700 dollars!,,, is true that they can`t reset it! Hey, Jeff. Thank you for your comment. I`m sorry you had bad experiences with British Gas Homecare.

I had a lot of problems with them and in fact I cancelled our appliances, electrical and sanitary coverage with them. We now only have boiler coverage, and I`m even considering cancelling it, because it doesn`t seem to be a good value (the monthly subscription add up a lot of money if you multiply it by 12 for the total annual cost). I just had that discussion. We equipped a brand new BG Flexi boiler in 2009 at a cost of $4,000. We also have a Homecare 400 contract. Since the boiler was installed, there have been numerous exclamations due to failures. Most engineers don`t find the problem. In addition, our care premium continued to increase – $65 per month.

I questioned that and thought that the premium was partly based on the number of tenders in the previous year. Obviously, it was a message to me, and BG would only take the system if I agreed with a jet of electricity that I wanted to accept. The DE BG tax was higher compared to other providers, but they explained to me that it is a life-long business for as long as the Homecare 400 agreement is in effect and it would be free if needed again.