Apa Yang Dimaksud Dengan Transaksi Repurchase Agreement (Repo)

B. In the event that a repurchase transaction is made on a business day before the public holiday, the date of the repo transaction is the next business day. – For SBI, SPN and ZCB, namely: face value of securities to be recovered x (price – Hair Cut) c. The number of days in the calculation of the pension rate payable by the bank is calculated on the basis of the calendar day. c. Repo transactions are a conditional transfer of securities by the bank to Indonesia Bank, with repurchase commitments based on the agreed price and period. a. Repo`s operations with Indonesia Bank are intended for commercial banks engaged in conventional commercial activities. Can Secada explain the example of selling/buying repo transactions? c. The value of the second leg count is calculated by: First leg billing value – Value of transaction interest of repo a. Settlement of repurchase transactions through BI-SSSS funds is made through the transaction settlement mechanism (gross to gross) b. Repo transactions are carried out on the principle of the sale and repurchase of the repo transactions carried out by the parties in accordance with the agreement of each party. In order to establish standards and regularity in agreements or agreements between parties, a standard agreement on repurchase operations has been established in the form of a master repurchase agreement (MRA), in particular for repo operations on SUN and SBI.

Some things that need to be included in the AMRA are: transaction procedures, payment and asset transfer mechanisms, margin maintenance, which, when defaulting, termination of the agreement, settlement of disputes and settled with supporting documents. (Dharma Setyadi) Thank you many very informative articles. I have a few questions: – Who can guarantee a repo? Companies? The individual? So Party B is an investment company or an investment bank? Can investment banks also? Thank you 8. With the adoption of this circular, the provisions relating to the commercial operations of Indonesia certificates on the basis of pension on the secondary market are revoked and invalidated. d. The SBI pension settlement consists of the sBI (first leg) sales account and the second leg count. The bank must have a sufficient DBI balance at the time of the first transaction and have a sufficient account balance at the time of the transaction in the second stage. – Automatically processes solar series that are not purchased by the bank as direct sales transactions via BI-SSSS.