Akademisk Kvart Rental Agreement

Akademisk kvart is a subleased placement agency, managed by SSCO, that caters directly to students. Advertising or reacting to advertisements is always free. Akademisk kvart is not for profit. Akademisk kvart aims to offer housing or subletting contracts with a reasonable rent with regard to the general finances of students (Swedish student loans – CSN). All ads are manually checked by SSCO before being published to avoid excessive rents and fake ads, making the site a safer alternative than many other Internet advertising sites. And if I object to the other Qasa platforms, could you give me some good advice on what I should be careful about? What is the most important thing I need to know when I sign a lease? Akademisk kvart is a platform on which students can find temporary housing solutions during their studies. It is a free, untapped profit service by the State Chancellery SSCO and funded by the Stockholm Housing Agency and the five largest universities: Stockholm University, The Royal Institute of Technology, S-dern University, Karolinska Institutet and the Stockholm School of Economics. On the website Akademisk kvart you will also find a lot of information for people who wish to be a live tenant or sublet. Under the Well Know tab, there is general information and advice on the apartment market in Stockholm and what can be considered live or subtenant. In this tab, you`ll also find our terms and conditions for ads and users. In the rules and regulations, you will find information on the rules applicable to each type of rental (live rental, subletting of a rented property or subletting of a property of its own property). In addition, there are also examples of leases, as you should always have a signed contract with your landlord. Akademisk strives to provide students with online rental and sublease solutions that have a reasonable rent relative to the students` overall financial situation.

SSCO has therefore put in place a set of general conditions for advertisers that take into account the average standard of living of students. In an attempt to make the site safer for use, SSCO manually checks all ads before they are published, to verify that the person registered at the address is registered and that the ad complies with all Akademisk kvart`s terms and conditions. Students who come to study at the Karolinska Institutet under an established exchange contract can apply by karolinska Institutet Housing AB (KI Housing) as described above. If you have been admitted as an exchange student to the Karolinska Institute, your international student coordinator at the Karolinska Institute will contact KI Housing to let them know that you have the right to apply for accommodation. Please note that the Karolinska Institutet cannot guarantee accommodation for all exchange students. The standard of living and cost are relatively high, and very broad is that for an average 3-room apartment, you could pay about 7,000 SEK 8,000 (1,097 DOLLARS – 1,253 DOLLARS) for a 3-room apartment. It is particularly difficult to find accommodation in major cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as in the student towns of Lund and Uppsala. In general, the monthly cost of renting a room on a community property in Swedish cities is about SEK2500 ($392 to $705), while a room in a smaller town is about SEK 2,000 – SEK 3,500 ($313 to $548). We strongly recommend that you take out household insurance for your stay in Stockholm. If something is stolen from your room or if property is damaged or lost during your rental period, you are responsible for covering repair or replacement costs.

Always check if your landlord or agent has a Swedish bank account and is ready to show you the place in person.