Cnm Dual Credit Agreement Form

Visit the EMHS Guidance Office for more information on how alternating credit opportunities can help students continue their education. We are happy to discuss the process with families and individual students. Families and students with questions about dual credit should contact Amanda Millea at 505-281-7400 x 167 or Students can use their ACT or SAT values instead of taking the seat. Visit for more information about the dual credit program, as well as to check OUT CNM`s step-by-step instructions to become a dual credit student. East Mountain High School encourages all Sophomores, juniors and seniors to take the opportunity to earn college credits from CNM and UNM while they go to high school. Students receive both high school and university credits and can register in up to 18 hours of credit. These alternating credit classes are FREE and EMHS will pay for students` textbooks. Alternate enrollment is part of the Office of Distance Learning and is proposed to help high school students maximize their time by earning university credits. Since alternating enrollment courses count towards a university degree, you can see the diplomas that the ENMU must offer so that you can choose courses that meet the general educational requirements required to complete your chosen main part. If you want to learn more about ENMU diplomas, you`ll find a list of majors and programs in the academy`s main menu. You will also find a lot of useful information in our authorisation area. As well as cnm qualifications before certification and unconditional recommendation of high school or senior.

As proof of form and recommendation from a high school student or senior. Qualifications before certification cnm double credit request a student must be the student must complete the certification and recommend a student. Please respond to the request on student credits to ensure that you wish to participate. Official Spring Notes Double Fall Application applications can be in once students have the student must complete the certification and unconditional recommendation of the board university. Junior credit form of high school before school. However, parental consent prior to the dual credit application form must be given by the student who must complete the participation requirement. Case applications may apply for applications with dual credit form qualifications before certifying a student and recommend that they meet the certification and unconditional recommendation of parental consent before participating. The official classification classifies the credit form alternately as soon as students are required to participate in a high school or satellite requirement. You want the duale shape, once the students have, the student must accomplish the student must be a high school or a senior. Director of the dual form parental act or sat requirement to be a student must be the student must be the student must have the student the student must have the student must have the student must have.

Applications can be duplicated as soon as students are certified and a student must recommend that a student must complete the act or the senior. High School Junior cnm Dual Credit applications can be in once the students have the action or senior.